Wednesday, November 9, 2011

my diy baby mobile: part 2

One of the things that I don't like about Blogger is that I cannot easily "reply" to comment requests...if I could do it simply, I would...but I can' I typically answer questions/inquiries in future posts, hoping that the person happens to read that specific part of the post.  Not efficient at all. 

Well, yesterday I had a request for the post about making the baby mobile for Clara's room.  So here is the link to my post about it here....

I bought one of these silver mobiles and 1/2 yard of fabric (and really only needed 1/4 yard...but I didn't know that) and a handful of cotton balls and thread.  And about an hour or so of time.  Viola! 

I still like it...and Clara does too.  I particularly like the fact that I don't necessarily "see" it all the blends in from my eye level as the sides of the fabric animals are white...the whole thing kindof sinks into the colors of the wall and my gaze can instead appreciate the other elements of the space (ie: her rad sheets, the yellow pom poms, the paper lanterns, her colorful bookcase.)  I like color and stuff just fine, but baby gear can get to be a bit much of color overload.  So...I appreciate the white.  BUT - I love that from HER viewpoint, there are beautiful and funky animals that dance...because her enjoyment is the whole point. 

*In my last post I wrote how Clara tried to eat the Christmas tree...and I wanted to publicly acknowledge that I do realize it is crazy early for a Christmas tree.  But life has had some icky moments recently and I am in a little extra need of twinkle lights and merriment.  It makes me happy...and sometimes that's all I can really ask for.  Annnnnnd...for the was Tommy's idea  :-)  He has some brilliant ideas.


  1. My husband asked me if we could get our tree the day after Halloween- I'm trying to hold out til thanksgiving- but I can't stop thinking about how cozy all the twinkle lights would be...

  2. we usually have our tree out on halloween night because we don't celebrate halloween but, this year with the new addition we decided to wait, as I am worried she is going to go after the tree too!

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am the person who requested this and I am very grateful that you posted such an easy way for me to reference it. I have bookmarked this post to find it easily. I look forward to making one for my daughter. Thanks again!



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