Monday, November 7, 2011

standing tall

Out of nowhere...Clara pulled herself up.  OUT OF NOWHERE.  She is now a little girl (obviously...not quite a big girl...but less and less like a baby.)  Overnight.

I got a hilarious phone call from Tommy this afternoon recounting the drama that Clara got into in the span of an hour:
1. tried to eat the Christmas tree (oh yea...we put our tree up this weekend...don't judge me.)
2. tried to climb the bookcase
3. got stuck crawling under the sofa
4. found the magazine basket, emptied it, and shredded  them all with her teeny tiny hands
5. stood up in her crib...all by herself.
6.  performed each of these actions just after shooting my husband one of her lovely gummy grins.

What a little whippersnapper!

*we clearly need to baby proof the casa even more...but our Babies R Us store is still flooded out from the torrential flooding that happened two months ago...and Target is constantly sold out of baby proofing gear.  Ugh. 


  1. I haven't read a thing in over a month, maybe more. But I happened to open it up tonight and see this little post. I am SO excited for you guys! I cannot believe how big she's gotten. Before you know it, she's going to be running around all over the place!

  2. Hilarious! She is a whippersnapper.

  3. This new phase is called "toddler" and can be exhausting and exhilarating! Check Amazon for baby proofing gear and move EVERYTHING up a shelf. It is an age of exploration, so give her plenty of "safe" areas to explore. She is going to want to touch, smell, see and TASTE everything and now has the means to get herself there. This is the age to determine boundaries and stick to them. Make a Clara Cupboard that she is allowed in, but be firm she is not to dump everything from the others and have her help clean-up her toys by putting them in a basket, for example. It will pay off BIG TIME when she is older! It is also a good time to start considering your discipline structure. Are you going to have a time-out spot, etc.? I'm not saying she is ready for time-out, but it is good to have a plan with your Hubby BEFORE the first big incident that requires one! Good luck!

  4. I see that in addition to your beautiful daughter, I see that the awesome mobile you made is showcased in this photo. I think you wrote a post on how you made it once long ago but I can't find it. Would you mind sharing that with me? Where did you find the wire pieces to begin with? I'm contemplating doing something similar for our daughter's nursery and I'd love a little guidance. Thanks! Congrats on your little explorer's new adventures!

  5. Love that you already put your christmas tree up!



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