Thursday, November 3, 2011

a nursery redo

So this is a picture of Clara's room.   Perfect for a newborn with the crib, changing table station, comfy nursing chair, build in book shelves, two closets, and queen size bed for us to sleep on when company comes.  It's been a great room these past 7 months and has fit our needs perfectly!

But.  It has to change.  Clara needs some space to stretch and grow.  We thought that the main room in our house would be enough...but she really needs to explore...and our little apartment is starting to feel even smaller. 

In the next few months we will be getting rid of our extra bed (sorry overnight are still welcome to come sleep on our blow-up mattress!!).  I  hope to get a super-sized rug to cushion her inevitable future falls, and some pieces that are perfect for her tiny body.  In the next couple years we obviously want a pint sized play kitchen...but that won't be for awhile.   

Ohhh the possibilities!


  1. This is exactly what we're thinking about at the moment! Our little house has two double bedrooms, and one single, which we used as a study. When Barnaby came along, we moved him into the small room and combined the study and guest room.

    As he gets bigger, he'll need more space to play, and so we're thinking of getting rid of our guest bedroom. Thankfully we have a pullout sofa and a really, bizarrely large sofa downstairs, so we will still be able to squeeze some guests in.

  2. Wow! Didn't know Clara's room was that big! Big enough to fit a queen-sized bed!

    Your guests will be fine. They aren't around too often are they? Clara is more important. ;)

  3. You could always keep your eye out for a day bed with a trundle to replace the queen bed with. Much smaller footprint and perfect for Clara when she grows out of her crib. Besides, air mattresses aren't so bad and a good guest is just grateful for a clean place to sleep.

  4. You definitely have a knack for decorating. I especially like the reading corner...and how smart to have the room double in functionality!



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