Friday, January 6, 2012

all she got for Christmas was her two front teeth

with Auntie before gift opening!

Tommy and I made the decision to forgo purchasing Clara any Christmas gifts this year.  For a couple of reasons:

1.  She is too young to know the difference
2. She doesn't really need anything
3.  She doesn't understand the concept of "opening" gifts
4.  We were going on an expensive holiday trip to Arizona
5.  her relatives will probably buy her a gift or two.

We talked about wrapping some empty boxes and empty plastic water bottles (her favorite things to play with...go figure.)

I was proud of us.  The allure to buy buy buy is everywhere during the holidays.  There are cute clothes, shiny toys, and gear and furniture and treats everywhere...screaming at me to take them home.  But my budget was shot way before the season even saying "no" to buying stuff was a little easier to swallow. 

And then I walked in our front door and stared into the net of a nearly 4 foot tall pink basketball hoop.  Tommy, apparently, couldn't resist.  He bought her a basketball hoop.  A pink one.  PINK.  Goodness.

But the best part was when I asked him where he thought this was going to go?  (We live in an itty bitty apartment, remember?) His response?  The living room (and he said it with all honesty.) 

I love my family.

Oh...and she really did start getting her two (top) front teeth...and then on New Years Day she started getting two more :-)  (Her two front bottom teeth are all the way in...they started coming in over Thanksgiving weekend)


  1. thats awesome jes! i've never heard of anyone doing (not doing? haha) that before but it makes such perfect sense! good for you! just think of it as a savings deposit toward future years when she'll be so much more aware and appreciative of gifts :) did you get any pushback about it from people?

  2. That is so smart, and practical- she really wont remember it. For pictures sake, I am sure you got some of her opening gifts (or lack there of...)

    I am going to do the same!

    Poor Tommy though, he caved...

  3. Giving Clara a Christmas filled will family and love was a generous, memorable gift.

    Evidently Tommy didn't grow up with the "no throwing balls in the house" rule as I did. Of course, as a result I can't shoot a free-throw to sav my life.

    Maybe you can make a giant, non-pink tea cozy-like cover for the hoop. :-)



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