Wednesday, January 4, 2012

crib to bed

When we purchased Clara's DaVinci crib last winter, we were enamored with the safety features, sustainably grown wood, non-toxic finish, and spring bottom.  But honestly, one of the biggest selling points was that the crib converts into a toddler bed AND further into a twin or full sized bed.   Three for the price of one! 

I was talking about this at the hospital the other day and one of the nurses said that they didn't buy the conversion kit to their baby's crib a couple of years and now they can't find the rails anywhere!  So they cannot convert their crib to a bed after all.  She suggested I purchase the additional rails while they are still available (it would be a bummer to want to assemble the bed and not be able to!)

In my search for top rated nursery furniture I found a site that sells cribs (including the one we bought) along with the conversion rails.  So we scooped up the rails...and they were cheaper than other places I was looking...(check out

I was thinking about this tonight as Clara fell asleep in my arms.  I placed her verrrrry carefullllllly into her crib....stood there watching her dream.....and got depressed because I know these days are numbered.  She will be in a big girl bed before I know it....ready or not.

At least we have the bed. 

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