Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a christening

While we were in Arizona, we were fortunate enough to have Clara baptized.   It was the most intimate baptism I've ever seen....we were surrounded our family and closest friends.  Instead of having the ceremony during a traditional Catholic mass (like most are), it was a private ceremony in the church where Clara and a sweet little boy were baptized.  It was lovely.  Not traditional...but lovely none the less.

with her Godparents!

It was somewhat of a miracle that it ended up happening in the first place...there were about 50 million road blocks to tell you the truth.  (road blocks including the fact that baptisms are not commonly performed during Advent, we aren't parishioners in Phoenix now that we live in New York, Tommy and I haven't had our wedding blessed by the church, yet....and this list keeps going....and going.)

I love love love this picture.

Well then, one week before we went out to Arizona, every piece fell perfectly into place.  Clara was baptized and we rejoiced.  A Christmas miracle.

she was mesmerized with the pretty fountain...I love how everything is magical to her.

(Rejoicing included corn pizza and Tammie Coe cupcakes at La Grande Orange...a very yuppy, yet incredibly yummy staple in our Phoenix family gatherings.)


  1. Oh wonderful, what a blessing! Congrats! And yummy...I love me some LGO :)

  2. Beautiful pictures- and congrats to you all. xoxo

  3. This set is absolutely breathtaking, and congrats to you all!



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