Wednesday, January 18, 2012

baby shades

My uncle, and Clara's Godfather, is an optometrist.  He gave Clara a pair of baby sized sunglasses and told us that an incredible amount of eye damage from sun exposure happens before age 10 (he said 80 or 90%)!  We strapped those shades on her little head every day we were outside in Arizona.  (They have a little strap that keeps them one secured....this came in handy since she tried to take 'em off every 2 seconds.)

Now that we've been in New York, and it's been rainy and snowy...the glasses are getting no play.  (Although they have become a preferredchew illustrated by Clara in the above picture at the Desert Botanical Gardens)  But we are looking forward to summer!


  1. I didn't know about that. I guess I have to find shades for my baby too.

  2. Our girls both have sunglasses, but they don't keep them on for more than two minutes. ;)

  3. where did you get these? Silas'd eyes are extremely sensitive. I need to get these! (preferably in a different color :)



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