Friday, February 17, 2012

clara's baby book

Clara was given a couple LOVELY baby books upon her arrival.  And, despite everything that pulls me in a zillion directions everyday, I have managed to actually keep up with one of them.  Praise God.

It's not a full on handmade scrapbook with lots of cutesy do-dads or bling (I kinda always thought I would make one of those...maybe someday)...and it's not a daily journal where I compose long thoughtful passages about her daily/weekly accomplishments.  Oh no.  Nothing like that.  Though I think that would be a wonderful treasure and I wish I could do that. 

Ours is simple.  I basically fill in the blanks that are provided and write a little blurb every month about her adventures...and then I use a glue stick to attach a left over picture into the little designated slot.   It's amazing how fast I forget when she rolled over or first crawled...but thankfully I've documented it in the book!

Oh man.  I can't even tell you how freaking proud of that book I am!  Maybe someday I'll make a photo book or real scrapbook or something a little more extravagant to commemorate the first year of my first born...but for now I'm happy with filling in the blanks in her pretty little pre-made baby book...gotta keep life simple!


  1. Clara will treasure it. Besides, you have tons of pictures to show her when she's older.

  2. You should definitely be proud of that. I have a pretty elaborate scrapbook for my firstborn...nada for the second...and now my third is about to make her debut!

    I recently decided to go the "photo book" route instead - so much less intimidating!

  3. ooohhhh is so cuteeeeee:X:X:X:X:X

  4. this baby is so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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