Saturday, February 18, 2012

nerd glasses

playing around with the mirror tool to "try on" frames - these were my favorite.

I am in the market for a new pair of eyeglasses. I've had metal frames...and tended to opt for a sleeker, professional look when selecting them in the past.  Never bold colors.  Nothing too crazy.  

I am always overwhelmed with the selection of glasses frames designs to choose from.  My mom has a solution for that - she has tons of different all colors and patterns and shapes.  Some of hers even have rhinestones....and she rocks them!  I don't think I am in the market for rhinestones quite yet.

I must admit, I am drawn to the "nerdy" glasses look right now.  Is this because I am a blogger and see pictures of cute smart bloggers wearing such things??   Design bloggers can get away with all sorts of funky and spirited style moves...I tend to wear clothes I bought at Gap a few years style isn't exactly cutting edge. 

hummm....or these?

I've been playing around with the Virtual Mirror at - where I uploaded a picture of myself and "virtually" tried on several different frames.  FUN.  Have you ever purchased online eyeglasses?  I think I may have to give this a go.

PLUS they have a discount code available for 10% off - code:  BLOG10


  1. I like the top and bottom pair best. I buy mine of zenni optical and love them! definitely worth checking out :)

  2. You look GREAT in that style...and I am confident that you can totally pull off the smart-stylish-too-cool-to-care blogger look. Totally.

  3. I love solid frames right now too...try, they have an at-home free trial where you get 5 sets of frames to try and send them back for $0! I got my glasses about a week ago, and they're awesome! Oh, and this company is also like Toms and do a one-for-one type program. Good luck!

  4. I really like the soft cat's eye shape too. That's what I have. One piece of advice - try on some titanium frames. They feel so much more sturdy and strong.

  5. The first pair looks great on you. Others seem to be a bit big for you. I also like nerd glasses and have got many pairs from zennioptical and Coastal. They all provide free glasses. I'm not eligible to join in coastal free glasses activity, but just took the advantage of zenni's buy 2 get 1 free promotion and ordered several pairs for my families. Maybe I will try Glassesusa soon. I really love the first pair. LOL…

  6. Eyeglasses, huh? This might be a good present for my niece for her 5th birthday. Now all I have to do is, find the right pair for her. Oh the 2nd one looks good on you.

  7. I do like 2nd and 3rd, there is nothing wrong with the size, bigger look better on you, most definitely! Why don't you check other shapes like cat eye as well? But don't go for round.



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