Sunday, February 5, 2012

reader question

I wanted to ask you about invitation paper. One of my best friends is getting married, & I am designing her shower invites (I wanted to make my own). I was thinking about using some funky paper (perhaps with the color teal, her wedding color) & maybe with a beachy vibe. I found that Staples & Walmart & Target have maybe 3 paper choices (ok, probably more, but not very much). Have you seen any good places/sites to get paper that isn't crazy expensive?

Ok guys...any tips?  Any advice for her???


  1. I got all of my wedding paper supplies from Paper and More ( You can also get samples if you're not sure on the color/texture.

  2. I can second the recommendation for Paper and More -- we also got all of our paper (rehearsal invites, wedding invites, programs, etc.) from there. Excellent customer service and top-quality paper. (Getting samples was super helpful, too.)

  3. (Paper Source ( is also an excellent option, too. Though potentially a bit more costly.)

  4. for my own wedding invitations, i actually used wallpaper! it was quite inexpensive, but, we (me & my girls!) had a lot of cutting to do. the paper was nice quality-to the touch and to the eyes...maybe there's something out there that'll could work for the shower invites?! i found the wallpaper at home depot, for approx $15/roll.

    good luck j!


  5. Thanks, Jes, & thank you to everyone who responded. Paper & More looks like just the vendor I was looking for. :)

  6. I love making inspiration boards! T

  7. Thanks again for all the help, Jes & readers! I went with the recycled line from paper & more. this is how the invites came out:



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