Monday, February 6, 2012

a new adventure begins

me and clara last night...she fell asleep  in my arms while I was reading to her...i miss her so much already.

Today is my first day in Baltimore...I'm terrified.  Most of my greatest adventures begin with my stomach in KNOTS and super sweaty palms....scared shitless.  Nobody really knows or senses my nerves....I fake it pretty well.  Slowly, the fear of the unknown becomes challenges that I can conquer one by one...and in the end, I'm pretty proud of myself for surviving (and sometimes thriving.)

Wish me luck friends...I am so nervous I could puke.


  1. oohhhhh this picture is soooooo cute:X:X good luck!!kiss

  2. I hate new rotations. Nothing like not knowing where even the bathroom is to boost the confidence. Let your skills shine through and you'll do awesome.

  3. You are amazing! I couldn't do it - we may have mama's boy issues in the future. Good luck xx

  4. From what I've read about you on your blog, I'm sure you'll conquer any challenge you set your mind to! Good luck with everything!

  5. good luck! that's how i am too...way to be brave! you'll do amazing :)

  6. GOOD LUCK!!! the baby is so sweet!



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