Thursday, February 9, 2012

what it's like

this has been an unusual experience so far....being in a new hospital with different rules, different systems, different protocols....and being away from my family.  I miss them so.  I'm not alone, however, there are a few guys here with wives and kids that they left behind in order to take part in this experience.  We are all exhausted with the amount of responsibility on our plates.  Yet, it's a good we stay positive.

I do know one thing...I am married to the most wonderful man I know.  He Facetime's me throughout the day so I can see Clara playing, or eating, or crawling I don't feel so disconnected from her.  Isn't that sweet?  He is taking such beautiful care of her...and he's all by himself.  And he doesn't complain or make me feel bad about the situation.  He is so completely and utterly supportive of me...I feel so overwhelming love for him these days.  Even when I'm being pessimistic about the whole thing...he is there to turn my frown upside down!

Personally, I think Clara might be the luckiest little girl in all the land.  She and I share the same best friend.  Lucky ladies we are.


  1. Definitely two lucky ladies! Good luck on your new adventure.

  2. This is such a heartwarming post. The love between you two and the love you two have for Clara is absolutely beautiful.



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