Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the blossoms.

very proud of my little iphone picture :-)  VERY proud.

Our weekend adventure in our nation's capital was AMAZING.  What a GREAT city!  What great friends we have.  (Thanks to my BFF, Linda, a DC local, we didn't have to get lost while navigating the city...she got us everywhere we needed to she is the most entertaining person I know and was the best part of the weekend!) 

Oh to be young and alive in a rad city.

I loved the Cherry Blossom Festival.  LOVED it.  SO magical.  A couple times I felt the shrill start to come into my voice as we were walking under the boughs of the pink and white flowers while the wind lightly showered the air with pretty was like living in a love poem.  With a funnel cake no less.  Perfection.

the pandas were my fave.  SOOO rad.
it rained....all weekend....but it was still pretty glorious. 

Loved the museums...loved the zoo (that zoo is spectacular...and has pandas...  CLOSE!  and the lions were walking around and being all fun...and the elephants were doing tricks and was just a big fat "wow!") 

I love adventures. 


  1. It must be great to have a beautiful day like this.....

  2. That picture is awesome!!! :) Well done Iphone!

  3. DC is great isn't it? and that pic! amazing!

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  5. You rock Clara and I love your iPhone picture!

  6. Washington DC is a GREAT city. We took our girls last June - and both Tim & I agreed that we want to go back again when our kids are older. The Smithsonians, in particular, were outstanding (and free, to boot!). :)

    P.S. This is the recap post I wrote about our time there:

  7. LOVE the cherry blossoms! Always exquisite and you described it so wonderfully "it was like living in a love poem"!



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