Friday, March 30, 2012

little red stroller

We picked up a $20 little red stroller at the store a couple months back.  Don't get me wrong...we ADORE our rough and tough all terrain Jeep jogging stroller...but it's heavy...and pretty bulky to take to the store...and too heavy to carry with one hand.

I love having this sweet little umbrella stroller.  In DC, this thing was a dream - what with catching subways, hopping on public buses as well as walking for MILES enjoying the sites and the was super handy.

The only bummer is that it has no storage.  So we carried a backpack full of Clara's crap, and off we went!  Good to go.  Thank you little red stroller. 

*in unrelated is my last day in Baltimore!  Had a great time here...learned SOOOO much...but boy am I ready to go home!!

the first time she ever wore jeans was in DC - freaked me how big-kid she looks in them!

at the White House! 

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  1. Yep. Cheap umbrella strollers are the BEST. We've gotten remarkable mileage out of ours.

    My recommendation to new mums is to skip the "travel system strollers" and opt for an umbrella stroller instead. Also, a good jogging stroller is a worthwhile investment for walkers/runners.



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