Monday, March 19, 2012

diy: pretty napkins

I was bound and determined to hand craft gifts for family members this year for Christmas.  I was doing so well and managed to plan out all of the gifts before Thanksgiving!  Then....I saw too many tempting treats to buy.  So.  My plan to save money backfired...and my plan to "save time" kinda backfired too - since I actually took the time to make some gifts.  However...I enjoyed the process...and these were actually quick and were finished in one day!  (Plus...I know my sisters went gaga over them and appreciated them!)

What you need:
1. plain napkins (or you can make your own!?)
2. fabric scraps
3. a cookie cutter if you want to use a shape (or any other template you might want to use)
4. fabric scissors (work soooo much better than random scissors....but whatever you got)
5.  pins to hold your fabric shapes in place
6. your sewing machine!!!

pin the shapes to the napkin corner
I experimented with lots of stitches on my machine
went slowly...very slowly.
but as slow as I went, I still made mistakes....I call that "charming"

Loved how they turned out.


  1. These are lovely! I like the whimsical look of them with the different stitches and shapes!

  2. These are soooooooooo sweet! The mistakes give it character. :)

  3. I love mine! What a lovely present that I will have forever. And no I haven't used mine yet....but I don't have real dinners yet either....aaron and I about 90 percent of the time are eating subway. Can't wait until I do make fun dinners where you use napkins!



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