Sunday, April 8, 2012

a goose egg for Easter

Happy Easter to you! It's been a marvelous holiday for MOM is visiting from Arizona!!  She has been here all week - playing with Clara - those two are BFF's now - I love that.

Friday night Tommy and I were out enjoying a "date night" - a rarity these days.  We were in the middle of Hunger Games and got a frantic text from my mom.  Clara tripped and fell.  Fell hard.  HARD.  On her face.  Where a goose egg sized lump proceeded to grow on her forehead.  We were concerned about a concussion or we raced home.  And really...despite the intense lump and bruise...she was fine.

My poor mama...felt so bad!  Now it's a funny story.  (Except for the fact that Clara probably lost a few numbers on the SATs with that fall...all is good.)  We kept her hat on her head at Easter service...lest someone sees the big ass bruise and think we are up to no good.   :-)

Hope the Easter bunny didn't bounce over your house without leaving a little goodies.


  1. She's so adorable! And, I'm glad she's OK, poor baby!

  2. Oh wow! I love that first photo. I was raised Catholic; it reminds me of all of those paintings of baby Jesus. Like this one. She's an angel! xo.

  3. did you take these pics Jes? they are great!!! she is so cute!

  4. Poor everyone! I suppose that's why toddlers are they don't have as far to fall.

    And I think hats are very appropriate for young ladies at Easter service. She's a cutie! :-)

  5. cutest baby ever... for reals! I love her!



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