Friday, April 6, 2012

gemstones for earlobes

PERFECT size!!

I wear earrings to work.  Not usually my wedding ring, or bracelets, or a watch, or even bracelets.  (they are a no no in the operating room and knowing my luck I would loose something somewhere.)  But, yet, I wear earrings, and prefer studs...and wear them all the time.  A little sparkle.  Or a pretty shape.  Or my birthstone.  Or my daughter's birthstone.  Or my pearls.  Or whatever.  I like that they fit within the confines of my surgical cap...and I never have to fuss with them.   And I double love the fact that Clara cannot rip them out of my head with her well intentioned little fingers. 

So when I was asked to review the process of ordering earrings from Anjolee, the leading manufacturer of fine diamond jewelry in the United States, I was crazy excited!  It's not everyday I have the opportunity to peruse beautiful gemstones or diamonds...and their site is fun...with the ability to customize virtually every design they have (bigger gems...or smaller gems...metal types...gemstone type...)  They have an amazing selection of dazzling jewelry...whether you are looking for an anniversary ring, a bridal set...or earring studs - which were right up my ally!  And holy cow...their vintage diamond bracelets appear straight out of the Academy Awards...just divine.  

I played around with different designs and gemstones...I was torn between amethyst and citrine...they were all just SO PRETTY!  I ended up ordering amethyst studs with super sparkly diamond borders.  I was crossing my fingers that they wouldn't be too heavy or big in my earlobes.  They ended up being perfect...great size...light weight...spectacular color...and the sparkle factor is bodacious...(too bad the picture is less than ideal...I have been getting compliments on them all week!)

Thank you Anjolee - I will definitely keep your stunning items in all of my fantasies and wish lists!   

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  1. I feel weirdly naked without earrings and am always looking for subdued studs to wear day to day. You're right, these are the perfect size. Cute stuff!



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