Sunday, April 22, 2012

hummmm...blogger picture limit?

I went to compose a post today...and include some pictures.  And then Blogger said my account was full of photos and that I would need to purchase more space.  I went to the Picasa site where apparently the pictures are stored once they are uploaded to Google's Blogger.  I attempted to delete some photos but found out that if I delete a picture it will permanently delete that photo from my blog! 

Have any of you dealt with this?  I can't pay for more space...I don't make actual $$$ from this site that would fund that transition.  Hummm...I am considering a jump to a different blog account.  Perhaps WordPress?


I'm sortof sick to my stomach about this. 


  1. According to a quick search, Google blogs have a 1GB photo limit. You could deal with this by resizing some of your files, but that will (a) take forever, (b) degrade the image quality, and (c) will only be a stopgap.

    You might be able to use a file-hosting service to store your pictures-- somewhere like Photobucket or maybe even Facebook. Then, Google won't be storing your pictures, the other site will be, so it shouldn't (theoretically) count against your storage space (but don't quote me). Those tend to have limits, too, but it will at least buy you time.

  2. All (for the most part) of the photos that I have on my blog are actually stored in an album on Facebook. So, instead of uploading the photo to blogger I just upload the "link" to the FB photo. It works out well for me (and is a much faster upload process!).

  3. It's actually only $5/year for 20gb of storage on Picasa. For the recreational blogger that's really not bad considering a coffee at Starbucks will run you about the same :)

  4. Boo! Sorry girl! You can save some on sites like Photobucket... But I moved to WP, self hosted and LOVE it!

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  6. I think Wordpress is better for a plethora of reasons, but I'm not sure about image storage amounts because I remote link all of mine from Smugmug.

  7. I started on Blogger in 2006, switched to WP several years later, and...I've never looked back! :)

    If you decide to make the move, I recommend Nicole of The Pixel Boutique. She specializes in migration from Blogger to WP:

    Best wishes with your decision.

  8. I use Flickr to upload my photos and then link to them.



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