Wednesday, April 11, 2012

just wait until she is six.

Easter weekend!

When people ask me about Clara at work...a HUGE RIDICULOUS smile erupts on my face...I can't even control it.  She is my most favorite topic.  And when people ask me questions about her, I'm almost certain that I come across as a braggy silly woman.  For example:

SomeoneIs Clara a fussy eater!?  What doesn't she like?  My kid HATED [insert something..or many things...]
MeOh - Clara will eat anything.  And everything.  Seriously!

She is walking (a little early...) and communicates with us using one word answers and gestures and speaks babble with inflection in her tone.  And she doesn't typically fuss or cry.  And she's always happy.  (Well...maybe not always...but usually.)  And independent....she likes people and doesn't cry when others hold her or communicate with her...which we appreciate.  Tommy and I really think she is perfect.

Do I sound so obnoxious?  I apologize.  I had no idea I would be one of those "child worship" women...but I can't even help it.  Clara is just an angel.

The other day at work some of the doctors, nurses and techs were telling me how their sweet little baby girls turned into clothes obsessed tyrants at age 6 (one guy said his 3 year old is in this phase already and she will insist on changing her dress 4 or 5 times per day!).  I thought that girls became concerned with clothes in high school.  Not so?  These folks were telling me their little ones were OBSESSED and CONSUMED with clothes.  That their 5 and 6 year olds would try on dozens of outfits before school or activities.  I kinda thought kids that were 5 or 6 would be obsessed and consumed with building forts and riding their bikes while pretending they were horses...and stuff like that.

pretty much my favorite expression that she makes...cracks me up every time. 

My heart sank a little bit.

But so what...I guess.  She might be obsessed with Star Wars or baseball or clothes or stinky cheese. Oooorrrrrr whatever her little heart desires.


  1. I think a lot of that clothes-obsession comes from exposure to the media, and you can control that to some extent. I know some 6 year olds (and even 8 year olds) that have no interest in clothes and love to read and play outside...there is hope! :)

    1. thank goodness!!! my fingers are crossed that she is a lover of reading AND playing outside!

  2. Gah! So sweet. I too am a little obsessed with my ZoZo. And hope that she prefers the outdoors and playing to clothes.

  3. I'm rooting for the obsession with stinky cheese...

  4. This brought back a memory. My little sister used to change clothes several times a day when she was very young! But she was interested in lots of other things too. I never changed clothes like that at any age.

  5. Both of our girls (ages 3 & 5) love dressing up and changing into different outfits throughout the day. But not in a celebrity/materialistic sort of's more about imagination, play, curiosity, and comfort. :)

    1. Oh I like that! Playing dress up is an entirely different and fun endeavor - I am just worried about being fashion concerned as a young girl! But I guess it is a different time...I will have to let her make her own path.

  6. I hope I have a girl, and I hope she is as perfect as yours!
    But I am sure that every parent thinks their child is perfect.
    Clara really does sound like a breeze! Which is awesome :)



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