Wednesday, April 25, 2012

yummy drinkity drink drinks

I am finally starting to enjoy drinking again.  After 10 months of pregnancy followed by 8 months of breast feeding and then 2 months of round the clock craziness at my orthopedic rotation in is time to party.  Well...maybe not party as in the days of being an undergrad...but more in the "I'm a working mother who needs a pretty drink every now and then to stay sane and refreshed" category of party.

I've been enjoying an alcoholic beverage a few nights per week, recently.  Especially when the  weather was warm and the sun was out...nothing beats a cold and crisp adult beverage.   The last few days have been freezing and cold...leaving me craving warm teas and hot cocoas.  I am anxiously awaiting more warm days and the yummy beverages that go along with them.

 Most of the time, we are the "pop the top off of something we grab in the fridge" kind of people...but these recipes featuring Chamboard look AMAZING.  I have a little bottle of it in my fridge right now - I've been saving it for a special occasion...but I think I might just bust it out soon for a fun drinkity drink drink.

2 shots Finlandia Vodka
¼ shot Peach Schnapps
¼ shot Chambord Liqueur
½ shot fresh white peach puree
Top with Chambord

Method: Shake ingredients with ice and strain into glass.
Garnish: Peach wedge.

 Conjure Sweet Tea
4-5 mint sprigs
1.5 oz. Conjure Cognac
.75 oz. fresh lemon juice
1 oz. simple syrup
1 oz. iced tea
Fill glass with ingredients, shake, and strain over fresh ice cubes. Garnish with a mint sprig.

San Tropez:
2 oz. Chambord Flavored Vodka
3/4 oz. fresh lime juice
3/4 oz. simple syrup
8 mint leaves
1 thick cucumber slice
Top Ginger Ale
Chambord- Vanilla foam

Muddle cucumber and mint in syrup and lime juice. Add vodka and shake well with ice. Strain into an ice-filled wine glass. Top with ginger ale and Chambord- Vanilla Foam. Garnish with cucumber slice and mint sprig. 

*Chambord-Vanilla Foam: To a whipped cream siphon, add 1 part Chambord Liqueur, 1 part vanilla syrup and 1 part egg white. Shake well and refrigerate

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