Wednesday, May 23, 2012

i wore a public...and I liked it.

it wasn't until we were on the way home that I figured out I had Clara's hat on wrong all day...the little straps come through little holes on the side of the brim...ooops...motherhood fail.

We took Clara to the zoo in Syracuse this past weekend (great little zoo by the way!).  It was sunny and warm out.  I wore a wide brimmed hat while we were walking around the zoo - something I'm pretty sure I NEVER would have done as a younger lady...I would have felt silly...not fashionable...and I would have ended up with an even frecklier face and possibly a sunburn.

Lemme tell you...that hat was a life saver.  I didn't care that I was the only female under 50 rocking a sun hat!   It kept me SHADED...which was AMAZING.   No sunburns.  No over-heating.  No complaining to my husband about the sun beating down on my skin.  No running from shade source to shade source. 

I think I've found my new summer outdoor activity accessory.  And not just for the beach!  Are you a hat person? 

the monkeys are always a hit - moments after this was taken Clara laid herself on the ground to take a nap...lovely.

the penguins were social and flirty - Clara became fast friends with this little guy


  1. Am I a hat person? Why yes I am. I LOVE hats.

  2. I think you and Clara look cute in your hats. You probably looked more stylish than 99% of the other zoo visitors.



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