Tuesday, May 22, 2012

deleting facebook - it's happening.

OK.  For reals.  I've had had had it with Facebook.  It's starting to creep me out.  Awesome social networking and all - it's starting to feel forced...and just not authentic anymore...for me at least.

Obviously there are so many awesome benefits that I have enjoyed over the years...reconnecting with some of my favorite peeps and far away family members!!  So rad!  And I enjoy seeing pictures of my friends children as they grow.  Would I still have these friends if I were to delete my account?  Or would I be forgotten once I fall off the Facebook wagon?  Would I become irrelevant?  Yea - I guess I would.  Am I prepared for that?

 I just checked, and my timeline indicates that I joined Facebook on November 29, 2004.  TWO THOUSAND AND FOUR.  That is a long time. 

Too bad - I want it gone. 

EXCEPT - I need a place to share my photos with my family...because that's all I really want to use Facebook for anyway.  (And I've heard that anything a person posts to Facebook becomes Facebook's property...forever...which is alarming...and strange to me...and I don't know if that is urban legend or fact)  Anyway...

Do you use a photo sharing site?  I need one...I need a SIMPLE one...that my parents can use (no offense Mom and Dad...but let's be serious here.)  Also...I want a site that will let me upload a straight up crazy amounts of pictures. 

Suggestions???  Please help me escape FB!!  


  1. oh my i keep thinking the same thing. but i cant imagine not staying in touch with my family on the east coast. i keep getting friend requests from people that i barely know and feel guilty every time i hit ignore.... really! feeling guilt from that is not what i need in my life. maybe i'm done, too. hmmmm.

  2. i'm totally on board here. i have this struggle all the time! flickr? i haven't really looked into it but its an idea!

  3. Flickr and Photobucket are both awesome for storing pictures in a place where others can look at them.

  4. Flickr is definitely the way to go. There is a yearly fee, $25 I believe, to have tons of storage but it is totally worth it. They just updated their uploading tool and it is amazing. Great options for privacy settings for each photo.

  5. Dropbox (http://db.tt/KsMt95H). It's for file storage including photos. Love the way I can share with friends certain folders and the way the photos load as a gallery. You can buy more space if 5GB isn't enough for free. Plus, when I take photos on my phone it automatically uploads them to my account. I don't have to think about it anymore.

  6. How about Flickr? We just started using it for all of our personal photos - it's super easy to organize and to find what you're looking for.


  7. I am happy for you! I gotta do the same!
    If they are important enough, they will have your regular email and/or phone number.
    I would say blog your photos, I always love reading and seeing your photos. Or flickr if you want more privacy....



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