Monday, May 21, 2012

i've given up on makeup

on mother's day!

 In recent months I have streamlined my morning routine by skipping makeup. (Well...almost.)

I think I've worn eye makeup for the past 15 or so years...sometimes eyeliner, sometimes brow filler, always eyeshadow and mascara...with curled eyelashes.  Pretty basic makeup for the rest of my face...lipgloss or chapstick, some Bare Mineral foundation and a dash of blush.  Maybe it sounds like a lot of makeup?  I never took me longer than 5 minutes...and I am by no means a beauty guru. 

I realized that I would wear a LOT of makeup on bad skin days...or weeks...or months...or series of months.  Yet, I found that when I piled on the makeup, I would be even more preoccupied with how I looked...if I need to touch something up, if I smudged it, if I looked like I was trying too hard?  I never wanted to look like I was trying to hard...which is exactly how I'm sure I looked.  (Maybe.)

I think I kiss her 4,987 times per day.  Or more.

Many of the female doctors that I work with, and ADMIRE, don't bother with the whole make up thing at all....or they wear so little that it looks completely natural.  Same goes for my favorite female professors in both undergrad and medical school.  Gosh, this even goes for some of the lovely role models in my family.  These ladies appear so confident with themselves, and uninterested in presenting themselves as beauties.  They present themselves as smart, no-nonsense, down to Earth women.  They are pretty but don't appear to obsess with their looks...and certainly don't define their self worth with their beauty (which is admiral...and very difficult to do in our world.) Now...all of these women present themselves well, and I am not suggesting that they don't care what they look like...but as far as makeup goes many of them were minimalists.  And now, I think it looks sharp...and appealing.  (Or maybe I'm just turned off by glitzing myself up, now?)

I quit wearing eyeshadow a few months ago.  And brow filler.  And I haven't worn eyeliner since Halloween.  I still wear mascara...(on days that I don't wear it people ask me if I am eyelashes are blond.)  I'll occasionally throw on some Bare Minerals over my sunscreen...and my trusty chapstick is still a must.  

I wonder if this is a phase. 

I'll take it.  I find this rather liberating.

*note...eyeshadow is kind of fun to apply...but so far I don't miss it. I'll probably go a little glam for date nights...if we ever have another one of those :-)


  1. I've always noticed doctors and nurses wear minimal makeup at work, but I always thought they looked good. They also look extra clean because of it.

    The one thing I quit wearing daily is eyeliner. Just too much hassle. Still wear it if going out or to a party.

  2. well you don't need it, your gorgeous. I find if i have a little color from the sun on my face, I feel more confident if i don't wear makeup. But after a long winter in the skin is ghostly pale and i feel i look sick without it!

  3. I do the same exact thing! Bare minerals, mascara and chapstick! But my coworkers do glam it up and most days I feel frumpy :(. Until I go home and Ellie tells me I'm beautiful! :)

  4. I am a no make-up gal too. Occasionally I wear mascara, but that is all. I don't miss it a bit.

  5. Wearing makeup will be a lot more fun for those special occasions anyways. You look great and sweet Clara is precious!

  6. Your skin is beautiful, Jes. And your smile! Could your teeth be any whiter/straighter? I think not. ;)

    I especially liked this part of your post: "They present themselves as smart, no-nonsense, down to earth women. They are pretty but don't appear to obsess with their looks...and certainly don't define their self worth with their beauty." That's the way I want to be too.

    I do wear lipstick, however. Red lipstick. Almost every day. It's quick to apply and I just like the way it "brightens" my face.



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