Wednesday, May 30, 2012

lacey bolero

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I'm going to a couple weddings this summer.  Very excited!  I pulled out my dressier dresses this weekend to have a lil I am in the market for a bolero or fancy cardigan or something.  (It's been a couple years since I've been a member of a gym, or did any hardcore lifting my bod is a little "softer" than it once was.)

I hit up Etsy....there were lots of fancy lace and tulle and satins and such...just beautiful boleros everywhere.  And then I saw that one...and I HAD to have it - because I can wear it with EVERY DRESS I own!  Even little sundresses.  It is just gorgeous. 

And then I saw the price.  $329. 

So I'm still in the market for pretty little bolero. 


  1. So pretty... and pricey! Unfortunately real lace is expensive. I remember finding out the total price for a little lace I bought to have a bolero made for my wedding. I was standing in the queue to pay not knowing if I should cry, laugh or run! I paid and thankfully the bolero cam out beautifully. Good luck finding your bolero Jes :)

  2. Oh my, that's so very pretty and would go beautifully with a range of dresses I'd imagine. Just found your blog and am enjoying reading back through some of your posts x

  3. Woah! A very expensive bolero but indeed this lacey bolero is indeed wonderful. I am a fan of bolero and go shopping some of it. Need to look for a design something like this but less expensive.

  4. this bolero is so nice :X love how it looks



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