Thursday, May 31, 2012

lil vacay

I need a little summer vacation from my blog.'s not what you think....I won't be lounging pool side, sipping drinks with mini umbrellas in them or anything.  No no nothing like that.  I'll be cramming like a mad woman for my boards exam and state license exam.

Oh goodness gracious.

See you in a couple weeks!!


  1. Well if it's a study vacay, at least put your feet up while you study...and maybe add a mini umbrella to your iced tea.

  2. Saw this and thought of you Today only though. It's a kitchen by Step 2 and it retails for 149. On sale for 59.

  3. Good luck, Jes. Kick butt and take names. : )

  4. Study hard, doctor girl. ;)

  5. Best wishes w/ your exams. You're totally going to pass both with flying colors. I know it.

    Have you decided what state you want to end up in?



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