Monday, April 30, 2012

if you could live anywhere?

My third, and final year, of residency is approaching fast.  My chief residents are about to graduate...and jobs/contracts/locations/licenses/taxes/scope of practice are the topics of discussion  around every lunch table and break room lounge.

The biggest topic....where to live.  If you could live somewhere, anywhere, where would it be?  We talk in circles about moving for good jobs, or good locations, or to be near family?  We all have our own dream destinations and dream job ideals.  I wonder where we will all end up. 

Things I "dream" about...(but in no way expect or demand these things of our next "home")
-  waking up with a glorious mountain view out my windows...(but I would go for being surrounded/nearby/quick drive away from beautiful nature... ie: mountains, trees, flowers, splendor)
-  family friendly stuff to do (parks, children's programs/activities, sporting events etc.)
-  cultural activities to keep our minds engaged in our world (museums, live theater, festivals etc.) 
-  flexible job...obviously (this component has a huge dream list all on its own)

-  employment opportunities for BOTH of us - this is a given...we will move where we can both pursue our professional dreams (Tommy is a teacher...a tricky field for jobs these days.)
-  close to family and/or friends (doesn't have to be down the road...but at least within a couple hours!)

Where would you live?  


  1. My list is similar to yours, adding a desire for a temperate climate because I'm a heat wimp.

    Just about any place is interesting and livable for a while, but there's the intangible feeling of "home" that some places have. Seattle felt like home to me the week we moved here.

  2. Sounds like you're describing the Pacific Northwest. Have you traveled up to Oregon/Washington before? You should check it out. =) I love it!

  3. come to TACOMA!!!! Hospitals, mountains, waterfront views, trails, parks, schools abound!!

  4. looks like the pacific northwest in on other's minds, too! I stumbled upon portland 7 years ago and have never looked back. i LOVE it here. we have many great hospitals, mountains, rivers, and it is such a family friendly city. but i am biased :-) I am a teacher, too- and the job market is tough, but it sounds like Tommy has experience, and he is a man- which gives him two ups on me :-)

  5. In a small town outside of Asheville, North Carolina.

  6. I'm going to agree that you completely just described Portland

  7. Putting in a plug for Nashville, Tennessee. Moved here in August and love it. Affordable cost of living, lots of families, cultural activities ("Music City"), warm and sunny weather almost year round. Mountains to the east and rivers/parks all over the city. I also don't feel like a "not from here" as I have in other places...everyone is very friendly and there are many transplants because of the entertainment industry. Job prospects are like anywhere else I suppose. I came here for a job at Vanderbilt University (and the fact that my fiancé lives here helped- ha), so it is definitely possible to work in education. I'm not sure about teaching as I am in administration, but there are so many institutions of higher learning here ("Athens of the South") and many public and private schools. I also have no idea where your family lives, as this is my first day checking out your blog, but if they live on the east coast or midwest this would be a great base for you. Also there is an international airport in Nashville and you can get flights to pretty much anywere.
    I have also lived in Louisville, Kentucky and LOVED it for many of the reasons above, plus Churchill Downs and its proximity to other cities like Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Lexington, Kentucky (if you count the last as a city).
    Virginia is a great state to live in. Mountains, beach and everything in between.
    I was raised in Roanoke, Virginia which is a nice small city for families, but it has much less to do than other places.
    Richmond, Virginia and the northern area of Virginia/D.C. are both very nice but a more expensive.
    Good luck!

  8. My plug for Arizona - Becky is moving back, and yuma is getting a water park - enough said!! ;) Kam

  9. After traveling across the country by RV, Tim & I both firmly decided that we are west coasters. We like the mountains, the sunshine, the casual lifestyle, and the closeness to family + friends.

    Arizona is still one of my all-time favorite states. If we didn't live here, I think we'd opt for California. Maybe Oregon, Washington, or Colorado.



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