Tuesday, July 17, 2012

disability insurrance

I just signed up for disability insurance...soooo expensive..no...no...SOOOOOOOO EXPENSIVE.  And I even qualified for the top health rating (meaning mine was the cheapest available price!)!  It's basically a car payment.  Coverage for women is nearly double what a man's coverage costs...apparently more women experience some form of disability in their life.  (And, podiatrist who perform surgery apparently suffer disabilities more than many other surgical specialties...who knows why.) It's pretty basic coverage ...with the opportunity to purchase more coverage as my salary increases from resident to doctor over the next couple years.  And it will last until I am 65...which is pretty impressive...since 65 seems light years away.  Except, I remember when 30 seemed like light years away...and I'm currently 6 months into it! 

I also signed up for life insurance...that was a fair and reasonable price.  Tommy is in the process of finding great coverage for himself.  I want to make sure we are well protected...but not OVER protected (fine line.)

Being a grown up is full of these scary conversations and expensive necessary evils that you pray you never need to cash in on.  I swear I have been brought to tears more than once over the past couple weeks thinking about these issues.  You see, I have these recurrent thoughts that something really bad is going to happen to me.  I'm not sure if this is because I work in a hospital and I see nice normal people who have been in horrific accidents, or been diagnosed with debilitating disorders.

 It's hard not to put myself in their position...what would we do if I was in a hospital for months and months and unable to work?  Or was diagnosed with cancer?  Those things happen to real people...everyday.  The thought makes me sick to my stomach.  (I recently saw that lovely movie "We Bought a Zoo" and literally cried...no no...sobbed through the entire thing because I kept thinking how horrible it would be to have my little Clara grow up without me.)  What the hell is wrong with me!?   Ugh.  I digress...

Do you have life insurance?  Disability coverage? 


  1. This is something that stresses me out completely. I can't even imagine my kids growing up without me. Not because I'm just that fabulous, but because there are things that only a mother can do!

  2. i'm currently insured through work, however, I don't know if i plan on going back after the baby is born which means we will have no insurance whatsoever. :( I know I'll be looking into all this stuff in a few short months and it freaks me out.

  3. This sounds like me! My husband and I got life insurance for the first time earlier this year and it made me so depressed. You can't help but go through the what-if scenarios when you're doing something like this. I ended up turning down disability insurance because it was, like you said, crazy expensive. Instead, I went with an accident and dismemberment policy (doesn't that just sound uplifting) through work. It has a few small stipulations, but only cost me 14 cents per month for every $10,000 of coverage so I could afford to max it out.

  4. I just got disability insurance too... UGH!!! Insurance as a whole is CRAZY expensive. And having to think about the reasons you might need it someday is a complete week ruiner.

  5. As soon as I got pregnant, we got life insurance. I figure if something ever does happen to either my husband or myself (God forbid, knock on wood) it was just one way I could continue caring for my kids. We need to draw up the legal documents still, but we even have the guardian set-up for them. Be prepared for the worst but hope for the best!

  6. just curious as to how much life insurance you got?
    I think it's kinda crazy to pay a lot into that, I'd rather save a ton for retirement instead...

    I hate being a grown up also!

  7. I have Accidental death and dismemberment, short term disability and long term disability all through my work. I only pay about $40 every pay period (every 2 weeks)
    I work in healthcare as well :)

  8. It's robbery I tell you! And you have a child. No matter how many people I see around me with children, I can't figure out how they paid for the hospital time for that. My current job has catastrophic insurance and zero maternity. How does anyone do it?



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