Monday, July 23, 2012

smell the flowers

Sometimes it is all going by so fast I have to stop and catch my breath.  My little love is SIXTEEN months old now...walking...talking...communicating...exploring...being so independent.  Such a delight every moment is with her.  When I'm home I swear she is the perfect child...and that my husband has the easiest, most amazing gig in town.  He swears it's not all butterflies and glitter...he tells tales of defiance...tantrums in public...and incessant book reading demands.  I've noted the book reading obsession...I face that every night when it's time to get ready for bed and she wants at least 20 books before going in the crib.

I want to hold her in my arms for a good hour least...just to memorize the weight of her little body, the baby smell that is fading fast, her soft perfect skin, her 8 toothed smile.  She squirms away after a few minutes.  I knew that moment would come when there would be a zillion distractions to take her from her mommy's lap...I just didn't know it would be so soon.  My fingers are crossed that she will like snuggling again.

My favorite thing is to watch her explore nature.  The other day it rained and rained.  After, we went outside to play in the puddles...I've never seen her so ecstatic!  She picks up leaves, plays with sticks, cradles rocks, and loves loves loves to smell the flowers.  She gets her nose down deep in the petals, inhales deeply and loudly exudes a genuine "MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm!"  It is the funniest thing ever.  And makes me slow down to smell the flowers too.


  1. She is so sweet and adorable!!!

  2. LOVE this little princess :X:X:X

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  4. I am so glad she's in your lives. Adorable, I tell ya!

  5. How cute and sweet! Those flowers are beautiful also!

  6. Such touching words! Amazing picture! It's great,how you can start explore the world with her!



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