Friday, August 31, 2012

Comp meltdown

I have so much to share - so many tidbits and insites into my little life that I want to put out there for the world to know. What being a pregnant surgeon is like, what residency is like, the gender of our little one, my new job, the approaching autumn, wedding glitz, how we are spending our summer weekends, camping with our lil one, redecorating  and organizing our tiny home, my dreams, my fears, disability insurance updates, life insurance purchases - STUFF!

But - not only is our Internet still shady ( for the 4th month in a row) but my computer crashed yesterday. I didnt cry or anything - haha - which i half expected myself to do.  Being computerless is hard!  Now I have to blog from my phone - where typing is ridic and I have no idea how to load pictures. So - my stories and schemes will have to go unannounced until technology is once again in my court.

I will share that my weekend will be spent putting out some autumn decor, doing laundry, and an adventure to the zoo.  We will be taking Clara for her first REAL ice cream cone - where she will get her own Baby sized cone and everything.  I can't wait to see her face explode in happiness and delight!  Enjoy your holiday weekend!

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  1. How exciting for Clara to have her first ice cream! I also wanted to wish you a belated congrats on baby no. 2! We are also finally thinking about starting a family so we'll see!

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