Friday, October 26, 2012

the colors came

upstate New York your colors are so incredible!

We have had the most spectacular autumn this year.  This past weekend I feel like the colors really peaked in our neck of the woods and it left me so glorious.

Our weekend included lots of autumn.  Fresh apple cider from the local mill, warm perfect donuts, a pumpkin patch, homemade pumpkin bread, scarves, gawking at the colors of the hills, and crunching the leaves underfoot.  Oh if I could only have a dozen more weekends just like this!!

Autumn is my favorite.  My absolute favorite. I will miss this when we move to Arizona.  I will miss this so greatly.

at the storybook new favorite place.

a Clara sized bear...she loved that bear...hugged it about a dozen times and patted his lil head.  cute!

picking out a pumpkin!

lovin' on her first donut!

sharing her donut with daddy-o

gorgeous gourds!

these were my fun!

*note: this is a me and Clara Tommy travels back to Rhode Island for a wedding...I think another trip to the Storybook Garden is in order....AND some homemade applesauce...and maybe a pumpkin pie (or at least a pumpkin pie milkshake!)


  1. What a coincidence! The Storybook Garden is MY new favorite place too. :-)

  2. Beautiful set of pictures, and I love Autumn. Our friends got married over a lake with the Autumn trees in the background. Gorgoeus was an understatement.



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