Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the city

here comes the sun.
 I love going to New York City....have been many times...and am always dazzled by the energy and the lights.  As I said earlier this week, my best friend (as in...we've been friends since kindergarden!) came to visit us in upstate New York and the two of us made a quick jaunt into the City. 

Left our place at 3am on Saturday...stayed a night in Times Square...and returned the following day at midnight.  We were exhausted...but managed to be super tourists and saw loads of the major sites.  We did the double decker tour bus worth the money...such a great way to see it all in a short amount of time. 

I like being a tourist and doing touristy things.  And I also appreciate doing what the locals do.  When I used to go into NYC I'd stay with friends or family in their adorable little upper east side apartments...and go to their fave restaurants and bars...and blend in.  Super fun way to go.

I have come to realize that I regret not making New York City my home for a spell.   Has there been a place you've always wanted to live in?

The 9/11 Memorial.  I wept.  The whole time. 

a warm treat in central park

the Carnegie Deli's famous pickles...photographing food is kinda fun.

central park is such a special treasure.

jewels of the city

lights and action in Times Square

I love my picture of the Brooklyn Bridge!  (I went across it for the first time this trip...found it terrifying.)

the Met is probably one of my favorite places on Earth.


  1. Having grown up in New York I, strangely enough, forget that it's a cool destination for many and not just a nuisance sometimes. I've always wished I did a stint on the West Coast or even in the Midwest. At this point in life I'm pretty sure that's not happening though.

  2. I have always wanted to live in San Francisco, and my husband and I were lucky enough to live in SF for almost a year. I personally love SF more than NYC because you just cant beat the coast next to beautiful hills. It's city living, but with a lot more beauty- In my opinion :)

    NYC is super fun though, fun getaway you gals had

  3. Isn't NY spectacular in everything?!



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