Wednesday, December 19, 2012

recordable books are not actually cheesy!


I have to admit that the concept of "recordable books" wasn't one that I thought was awesome.  I kindof thought of it as another way for parents to decrease their interaction with their children. 

And then Clara was gifted a couple of those books from her grandparents...and we are all in love with them! 

First of all, it is so amazing to hear her grandparents voices reading her the stories...and they give her little sweet greetings at the beginning of the books.  The stories are accompanied with short little musical interludes that are rather charming and enhance the experience quite a bit.  The books are nice and sturdy with cardboard-like pages so her excitement can't tear through the pages.

She and I  will sit there and go through those books over and over and over.  And when it ends she pleads, "again?  AGAIN? Peeeeze!?" So we will sit there and experience the books a good 5 or 6 times in a row.  Today I caught her "reading" BOTH of the books at the same time (which was a little much on my ears) but she was loving it... so adorable.  She never skipped ahead, she always waited until all of the words were read before turning the page. 

And really what a treasure they are!  I imagine that for service men and women, or for families that are apart during the holidays, something like this would be an amazing addition to the library!



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