Monday, December 17, 2012

what Clara is getting for Christmas

Clara is still a wee one...there is no possible way she would recall the events of this Christmas.  Though we do try our best to indulge her in magical experiences...I think that we are the ones that end up reaping the rewards of such endeavors (which is still OK with us!)  Anyhow, we decided to keep the Christmas presents as much to a minimum as I could deal with (I try try try to practical and not ridiculous when it comes to gifts for my girl...and I think I did a pretty good job with the selection below. 

It is hard to go minimal over the holiday season for one's child.  Especially when there are so many fun things out there...and the deals seem to be great....and she is an active fun kid who loves to play and learn.  I wish I could buy her the whole WORLD...she would enjoy it so.

We decided we would give her one or two toys to open,  a book or two, and Christmas pajamas. Santa would bring her one toy, another book, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and (hopefully) a couple small stocking stuffers like crayons, and plastic necklaces or bracelets (those have yet to be purchased.)


From us:  A Bitty Baby Babydoll.  Believe it or not, Clara doesn't have a babydoll (save for an all cloth rattle baby doll that she got when she was born...and she kisses it and rocks it and calls her a "good baby" which is the freaking cutest thing in the world.  Anyway.  It's time our little one has a real doll. (And Bitty Baby looks just like Clara did she was a I couldn't resist!)  Originally, I bought this to give her on her birthday back in March...but she seemed a little young to have such a nice doll.  The moment seems right at this point.

From us: My First Tugboat, by Green Toys.  Engineered out of eco-safe materials.  Doubles as a water pouring device.  Genius.  Also, Clara doesn't have any boats among her small collection of bath toys. She needs a boat.  She will LOVE the boat.  She sings, "row row row your boat merrily merrily merrily dream!"

From Santa:  Little People Nativity Set.  This will be great fun for her to play with as a youngster.  I remember playing with my mom's nativity sets when I was little....and this one is perfect for little hands!  Plus this will make dialog so much easier about Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  (Note:  I bought this in July...on sale...bangerange.

From Santa: Max & Ruby books.  This child is obsessed with Max & Ruby.  I've read her two of their Christmas books probably over 100 times in the last two weeks.  She often recites lines from the stories and it cracks me up! (Ummm..not long passages or anything...obviously...but things like, "No toys on the tree, Max, said Ruby.  Only REAL Christmas ornaments!" and "Decorate! said Max" or "My ornaments are so pretty, said Ruby."  Random stuff - but I know the context from her I just love it.)

From Santa:  A new toothbrush with Tigger on it.  And a new (pink!) fruity baby toothpaste with a sparkly pony on the tube.

From us:  A pair of Christmas pajamas with a big festive SANTA on the front! (I bought these for a buck or two during an after Christmas sale LAST I think ahead or what!?)

From us:  A mini tube of Little People with three pieces (perfect stocking size), with a ballerina, a poodle and a suitcase (?) in it.

I like keeping Christmas more on the minimal side.  We'll see if we can actually do this in the years to's so fun to splurge this time of year...especially on dazzling deserving children. In the next couple of years when her baby bro is in the picture, we'd love to get a train set of some sort.  Oh, and I want to get them an easel for their art projects...both those can wait a bit longer.


  1. My husband's family always opened their gifts on Christmas morning except for one gift that was opened on Christmas Eve. The gift was always pajamas, so the kids would have on new pajamas for the Christmas morning photos. I always thought that was clever.

    1. That is how Tommy's Fam celebrates too - minus the pajamas part - but I have heard that idea before and really like it!

  2. I love how you are doing gifts.
    Growing up Christmas wasn't a big ordeal, we got one present. I don't have kids, but when I do I want to TRY HARD to minimize Christmas.
    After Halloween its so materialistic these days anyway.
    We usually involve everything around food (food is more important than gifts?!!)



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