Wednesday, January 30, 2013

my fave baby shoes (my podiatric opinion!)

Clara's first pair of Pediped's...
I should probably write an actual post about WHAT to look for in a baby/toddler shoe.  Evaluating shoe gear is a major component of my occupation - and I have formulated opinions based on years of study, research and clinical experience to help guide me when I make shoe purchases for myself and my kid(s.)  I did a lot of research when Clara started walking about the shoes that babies should wear and I should share some of that knowledge with you...

But today isn't the day for that.  Sorry.  But I DID want to tell you that my favorite baby/toddler shoe brand, Pediped, is having a sale at their website where some of their styles are 60% off with free shipping if you spend over $75 (and a rewards club to earn $$$ towards future purchases).   Also, many styles are considered "purchases with a purpose" which donates proceeds directly to children's charities.   I should mention that this site always has a "sale" section...which is where I purchase Clara's shoes from (and some of their sales are better than others).

They are really the only shoe brand I have put on my child once she started walking (there are a couple exceptions to this...and I will go into that in another post.)  They have different shoes for different "walking" stages...with plenty of education and explanations on their site to help guide you to what your child's shoe gear needs are.  Be forwarded, these shoes are not cheap...and I have tried a few different brands that are cheaper but was never impressed (and in some circumstances I was rather horrified) with the construction, the durability, and the overall structure of the shoe. 

I believe in good shoes.  I will always recommend good shoes.  

I give these opinions of Pediped freely, without being a paid sponsor, and I didn't receive any endorsements or promotional items either (though...that would be completely rad if I did!)

(Oh...before I forget, and while it is fresh in my mind...please don't put your newly walking baby/toddler in shoes with heels....and then parade her around town.  There is plenty of time for her to wear heels when she is older.  It is not the time while her little bones are developing...mmmmk?)


  1. Thanks Jes! I was wondering what type of shoes to get for Brady.

  2. Oh Boy. My mom has major foot issues and spent a fortune on the right shoes.

  3. Thanks for sharing your insights! I have been actually looking for a new pair of shoes for my max. I would want to get him one that is durable, comfortable and of course, easy on the budget. Thanks!

  4. Well you know how I think? A cheaper pair of shoes are just for the moment as you won't be able to wear them too long.

  5. Rainbow shoe! Awwwww so precious! Looks like it's time for me to start thinking of cute little tot shoes <3

  6. Thanks for the advice. Great to hear what a professional thinks about shoes for babies.

  7. Love your blog! You should see how many baby shoes we have for our little girl!! Each pair are so adorable.

  8. My wife just got some infant cowboy boot socks for our little boy. They're great!



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