Friday, February 1, 2013

i deleted the "news"

I feel a lot spirit...these days.  Three weeks ago I deleted all of the major "news" apps from my iPhone (except for NPR).  It was second nature for me to read the news between patients, surgeries, in line in the cafeteria...whenever.

Except...I couldn't deal with it anymore.  The stories started to make me sick...physically...emotionally.  The horrific accounts of violence against children, women, mankind...political incompetence by our government...terror constantly in the middle east...hate hate hate from every direction of our globe...ugh.  I can't take it.  Maybe it's the hormones?  I don't know. 

Oh, and I quit watching the news at home too.

And you know the saying, "ignorance is bliss" - for me, it is true. 


  1. I never even installed them for the same reason. I figure if it is something major enough, I will hear about it organically.

  2. I hear you. Yesterday, I picked up a local newspaper and was sorry I did.

    Our tiny community has very little crime, but there was a horrible story that day. I was crying while doing my errands.

  3. We cancelled our cable, and I defiantly do NOT miss the news!!!! I'm loving it!



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