Wednesday, January 9, 2013

oh, hello pregnancy cravings.

Up until this weekend I hadn't felt the IRRATIONAL URGE to eat anything in particular.  I'd have my moments in the hospital cafeteria when I knew I probably shouldn't reach for the quesodilla - but I never really resisted what sounded good.  But nothing has made me have to have it now!

Then last week I started thinking about awesomely delish Icee type beverage sold at the gas stations, QT.  If I lived where a QT was in operation I would probably have had a Freezoni a couple of times per week.  Even if I wasn't pregnant.  They are the bomb. 

But then I sortof fixated on it.  Daydreaming about it.  Desiring one.  Immediately.

So I had to find the next best thing.  An Icee.  And I couldn't get it out of my head...despite the fact that it is the frozen tundra up here in New York.  So I bundled up and we set out to quench my Icee desire.  We had to visit a couple different gas stations - which surprised me...I thought Icees were everywhere.  I ended up settling on a "slushy" - which is SO not the same thing as an Icee - and several grades down from a Freezoni.  So it was a pregnancy craving fail.  So I am still on my search.  I have a couple gas stations on my commute tomorrow to a clinic in a different town that I will hit up on my way back.

Oh.  And today I actually sent my hubs out to get me Lemon Zest Sorbet by Haagen-Dazs...which I have been dreaming about ALL DAY.  It's not often I ask him to go on preggo runs for me (this is probably the first time during this pregnancy actually).  Alas...none of the stores he went to had Lemon Zest he got me Mango sorbet...which I'm eating right now.  (I told him no ice-cream...that doesn't sound good...but any fruity sorbet would probably work).  Well...another compromise and another fail as it's unfortunately not quite hitting the spot.  

Pregnancy cravings are so weird and so specific.  With Clara I just really wanted oranges.  Day and night.  I didn't care they cost $1.50 per orange.  I had to have them.  I wonder what I will demand tomorrow?


  1. Try the Haagen-Daz RASPBERRY sorbet. It's my favorite. Probably closer to the flavor of those frozen drinks too.

  2. Pregnant or not I totally recognize myself into this stroy, I am lickerish;))



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