Monday, January 7, 2013

my Missoni score at the Goodwill

The Missoni pillow is the one on the right. 

Do you remember when Missoni did that amazing collection for Target? And I nearly had a meltdown because everything sold out in a matter of minutes (on line) and hours (in stores.)  There were a couple delightful items I did manage to get my paws on - thankfully.  But I probably could have stocked my house with the pretty patterns and colors that their collection highlighted. 

Tommy and I went to the new Goodwill in a neighboring town this weekend - dropped off some baby books, clothes and shoes.  I was actually really excited that there is a Goodwill here now - I always had pretty good luck with them in Arizona (one time scoring a classic leather Coach bag and a leather Dooney & Burke briefcase!) But it will make buying baby clothes so much easier on our wallet.

Clara was clearly captivated with Max & Ruby on the iPad and wouldn't throw me a smile to save my life. Oh living baby tricky.

Well...I hit the decorative pillow jackpot friends.  Two BRAND NEW WITH TAGS Missoni decorative pillows.  $12 each - which is steep for a Goodwill pillow...but I thought it was a fair price.  I did a lil check on eBay and found the exact pillows for crazy high prices (as high as $87.50 for ONE and $135 for a PAIR.).  Who are these crazy people that spend that kind of money on Target pillows? 

Tommy was bummed I cut the Missoni tags off our new pillows instead of selling them on eBay.  


  1. Glad you got your pillows! And Tommy is WRONG! LOL

  2. Colored, unique pillows. Sweet as the baby...



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