Sunday, February 3, 2013

baby announcements

I like to plan.  Sometimes I am better at this than others.  It gives me a sense of "calm" to know what comes next...or be have my ducks in a row.  This way I avoid getting flustered...making rash decisions...and getting annoyed with myself.  Eh - and yet most of the time I am a roll with the punches/rash decision maker anyway. 

Well...I've been day dreaming about baby announcements...since we will be selecting one in the next couple weeks as we announce the arrival of our little baby boy!  I've been scoping the cute designs at Magnet Street  - one of my favorite companies (beautiful quality, outstanding prices, great collection of designs!)  These are a few that I like the best.  Which one do you like?

I am leaning towards this one because it reminds me of the fun colorful graphics we used for Clara's announcement.
I think this one is my favorite...but it doesn't have a picture...and it's nice to get pictures of baby!

PS: today my mom and I are taking Clara to see Disney on Ice!  She's never seen any of the Disney movies...and doesn't know any of the characters except Mickey and Minnie...but we are crossing our fingers she enjoys the experience!

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