Thursday, February 28, 2013

jack's newborn pictures

Our wonderful friend Amanda of (Amanda Bills Photography) came over and snapped a few gems of our little guy a couple weeks ago.  I swoon!  They are so so sweet!
 Fortunately, Amanda brought a whole bag full of props...soft blankets, a white noise machine (which worked like a charm, holy cow!) and lots and lots of newborn baby hats.  She has 4 daughters, so you can only IMAGINE her assortment of bows and pretty little frilly things!  I was so thankful, as none of the cute hats that we have even fit his head yet.  She used a bunch of our throw pillows and converted our living room into a make-shift studio...and she did it in about 20 seconds. 

Amanda was some sort of baby whisperer.  He didn't flinch after she would position him...he never whimpered, or was amazing.  He is such a good little one.   I'm so glad we got these pictures.  Treasures to add to our collection.

our Aunt Clare MADE this divine baby blanket for Jack...isn't it gorgeous!?


  1. O Jes, what a beautiful boy!

    Baby toes...I could just eat them up.

  2. JES! he's perfection!!! and you look GORGEOUS!

  3. Those baby portraits are to die for.

    And you look so healthy and happy.

  4. I love all of these pictures :)) And you are a beautiful Mom, Jes! <3

  5. Oh my goodness. This is just too much. He is so precious. I totally feel like a jerk parent for not doing official newborn pics of Fin.



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