Friday, February 22, 2013

How we chose our baby's name

My husband and I tried to keep both of our children's named a secret during our pregnancy. We wanted to avoid hearing people's thoughts about the names we just never know what people are going to share. To be honest I let it slip a few times with Jack - much to my dismay reactions tended to be lack luster - eh.

Jack was the top name on both my name list and Tommy's - interesting huh!? It's always been one of my fave names. I love that it is just a classic name and isn't trying hard to be flashy or fancy.

So in this case choosing a name was easy since it was both of our number 1 names. The tricky part was sticking with it as I kept second guessing the selection. I entertained other names and nearly made myself crazy.

In the end we went with the name we liked the most. Had to trust our gut! We are so happy we did - the name fits our little guy so well.


  1. Jack is a fine name! Always go with your gut.

  2. He looks EXACTLY like a Jack.

    Whether it be what parents name their children or what last name women choose for themselves, I'm always rather amazed that people think they get to voice negative opinions.

    OK, if you had named him Saxaphone I may have said something...I'm just watching the kid's back, ya know.

  3. I love JACK :D It's a great name! Hi there, Jack! :D You're a cutie! <3



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