Sunday, March 17, 2013

Alla's Vera Wang dress

One of my closest friends from residency got married this past The Plaza Hotel in NYC. I can't even begin to describe the elegance and opulence of her wedding - it was on the level of a royal wedding. Seriously. After the event i even had to ask her if she was Russian royalty - to which she laughed and said no ... but I'm not so sure! I, unfortunately, wasn't able to attend - which just about killed me. *sigh*

When Alla showed me pictures of her in her Vera Wang dress I almost lost it! She looked just like a princess. I had to have Megan Hamilton sketch the dress as a gift. I love giving Megan Hamilton dress sketches to my bride friends...such a special heirloom. Her Etsy shop now features all sorts of fun products like notecards, tote bags and wedding toppers!

Alla framed her dress sketch and hung it in her bedroom the same day I gave it to her. Love that!

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