Monday, March 18, 2013

When are you due!?

One if my inpatients asked me when I was due. Yea. That really happened today, 5 weeks after I birthed my sweet baby boy.

I smiled. But mentally cussed him out.


  1. I thought it was just a general rule that you never ask any woman when she's due because you never know if she's actually pregnant or not. Apparently some people didn't get the memo...

    1. What kills is that this patient just saw me in January - when my belly was actually ginormous! Goodness gracious.

  2. His mama didn't raise him right. ;)

  3. after cora was born I was shopping in old navy in the kid section. a lady who worked there asked me when I was due. I smiled and walked away. then she walked after me and asked again, and if I knew if it was a boy or a girl. I laughed and said I already had her, its a girl. and i walked off mortified and pissed. i felt like calling the manager. employees should never say those things!



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