Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jack's birth story

Jack's story is so relaxed, and beautiful. Our birth experience with him was a dream - when I think about it makes me smile. I won't give a play by play - it would be boring... but I would love to share some highlights.

 I had Jack at the same hospital that I delivered Clara at - one of the hospitals that I work at.  Now that I have been here for three years now, I know a lot of the nurses.  Most of the nurses that cared for me during this whole experience were nurses that I knew and had worked with!  It was nice to have friendly familiar faced around...but it was actually also awkward to have them working on me in such an intimate way - and they almost all called me Dr. Lastname instead of Jessica.  And the anesthsiologist?  Yea.  I work with him all the time....which is/was also quite awkward.  I digress...

I was induced, again. I labored all day in our birthing room. Walking back and forth in our spacious room...rocking on the ergonomic exercise ball...squeezing Tommy's hand and breathing through each contraction.  When the contractions were only moments apart, and causing tears to roll down my cheeks, I called for the epidural - expecting to sleep for the rest of the day, like when I had Clara.  Except, after I got the epidural, I questioned if it even worked! I could still feel every contraction and could feel and move my legs!! I asked them to bring the anesthesiologist back to "fix" my epidural - I wanted that epidural! (What I really really wanted was the mega relaxing nap that accompanied my epidural when I had Clara - it was so restful.) 

Well, the anesthesiologist didn't make it - because in walked my Ob.  She told me it was time to push...I resisted...I wanted the epidural...I was scared of the pain!  She told me he was already crowning and I NEEDED to push.  I gave three mighty pushes and out came Jack!! It wasn't hours and hours of frustrating pushing - it was quick, and not nearly as painful as I thought it would be. It happened so fast!!! In fact, it was so fast that he had lots of facial bruising - which is normal for babies who come fast (I hear).

We were blessed to be able to achieve a breast feeding latch within minutes of his birth. I felt so"this is normal."  It felt like THIS is how babies are suppose to be born.  No drama.  Fairly painless...(not pain free by any means...laboring was more painful than the actual birth.)  But it wasn't scary.  It didn't seem like something happening TO me...this time I felt more present, like I was more in control.  It wasn't the out of body experience I had before...I was there. 

My hospital stay in the maternity ward was a dream. I had a room to myself.  I ate lots of chocolate cake... drank lots of ginger ale and never had to take pain meds stronger than Motrin. SUCH a different experience than with Clara!! (Where I couldn't walk, move, eat, sleep, shower, etc for several days!). 
Speaking of Clara...I missed her while I was at the hospital.  Missed isn't really the right word.  I longed for her.  When my mom brought Clara to the hospital I was overjoyed to see her and hug her and introduce her to her new little brother.  I was so curious to see her reaction to him!  But really - I just wanted to hold her.  She looked so big marching into my a little lady...not the baby I left at home.  And boy oh boy she did NOT like seeing me in a hospital bed.  Poor thing got so worked up...kept saying "mama is so sick!" and even started crying while she was hugging me.  It was sweet even though it was heart breaking.  We all tried to assure here that I was fine...but it's hard to convince a smart little girl who sees her mother in a hospital gown, in a hospital bed, with IVs and monitors all around.  She was a little curious about her baby brother...gave him a couple kisses on the head...and that was that...then she went back to being concerned about me.  Poor thing.  I missed her terribly when she left.  I think I may have even dropped a tear when I said good-bye. 

Little Jack is as sweet as can be.  He's been like that since day 1. His facial features are so mature....and his disposition is so pleasant.  Like an old soul.  It was such a calm experience to spend those first couple of days with him in the hospital.  I felt like I knew what I was doing.  It wasn't my first rodeo...I wasn't freaking out about how to feed him, change him, dress him, bathe him...I knew those things now.  I LOVED that he never cried in my arms.  I LOVED that when the nurses, aids and doctors would come check him out and he would get somewhat fussy, the second he was back with me he would stop immediately.  He knew that I was his mama.  Made my spirit soar. 
By the way, the chocolate cake was awesome.


  1. Hooray!! I'm so happy for you and so glad that it went better than with Clara. You have been in my thoughts a lot lately. I'm so glad you're doing well!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaawwwww!! so beautiful! I can't help but tear up knowing i'm done. (We do plan on adopting though). So happy things were so much easier this time around. look stunning in these did you just have a baby?!

  3. I am so glad that it was different this time. You look so much more rested and happy. I hear babies know their mothers by scent, so no wonder he calmed down when they brought him back to you.

  4. aww, what a wonderful story. I am hoping this is true with my second. that calm has to rub off on babes. I was a wreck with Cora, stressed out...she was so tough, recovery from delivery was rough. I'm so happy to hear this was a good one.

  5. YAAAY! Congratulations! Also thank you for sharing this. I'm not having an epidural done because I can't stand the idea of something being inserted into my spine, and your experience made me happier, to know that its not too bad. You have a beautiful family. Congratulations again :)



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