Saturday, March 14, 2009

real life: a 1949 wedding

Allow me to introduce a couple of my favorite people, my grandparents, George and Eleanor. Both schoolteachers, my grandfather is one of six siblings and the son of a small South Dakota town's Judge / Postman, while my grandmother is one of three siblings and the daughter of a local farmer. I love this photo, it's honestly one of my favorites - they look radiant!

They had a classic looking bridal party, and kept it all in the family with siblings and cousins.
I always thought the little flower girls were so cute with those bonnets!

Back when I was in 8th grade, my cousin Sarah and I found my grandmother's wedding dress in the basement cellar - we had to try it on! My grandmother was apparently a STICK as it didn't fit either of us (we were small back then too!) I love that it had sleeves, and is a classic style

I was fortunate enough to spend their 59th Anniversary with them this past summer, and it was magical. My grandma teared up so many times throughout the weekend as she reminisced about their life together, their courtship and their beautiful wedding. They have had such a blessed life together - with six kids of their own!

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