Wednesday, May 6, 2009

czech it out

I'm a full fledged American girl, with a fond affection for our founding fathers (especially Ben and John...ooooo...goosebumps!) and an appreciation for the red, white and blue. I dig apple pie more than any person probably should, and there is nothing more fantastic than catching a live ball game with My Guy. Yet, I still feel this deep connection to my ancestral roots. Perhaps it stems from the fact that I would spend hours pouring over the photo albums at my grandmother's house as a child.

Both of my parents are of strong Czech descent - and my blood is pretty close to 100% Czech (nuts huh). As a youngster I was fairly obsessed with Bohemian tradition and culture (especially those crazy colorful traditional dresses!). I was thinking it might be interesting to learn about wedding traditions associated with it. My Guy is Irish (with the raddest Irish last name...believe me) and I'm totally curious to know those wedding traditions as well.

OK, truth be told I think different culture's traditions (wedding, holiday, anything!) are ridiculously fascinating to learn out about. We attended a Norwegian wedding this fall where 60% of those in attendance flew to the states from Norway - they did such fun stuff at that reception. There was chair standing, kissing the groom when his bride stepped out, fun songs sung, and speeches (holy sh*t there were speeches). Loved it.

Are you going to incorporate any cultural traditions into your wedding celebration?


  1. Heeeeey, weird! I'm of primarily Czech descent TOO! And I'm a mountain(ish) bride TOO! And I just wrote about how Jewish and Indian weddings totally fascinate me. Must be kismet. :)

    I spent a year living in the Czech Republic a while back and had an opportunity to attend a Czech wedding. Czech's are pretty enamored of all things American, and weddings are no exception. So sadly, this Czech wedding did not seem much different from your standard American wedding.

  2. we are just trying to figure this out too. It's hard to keep really old traditions and make them your own. My guy is jewish but not really religious so we are really picking and choosing what we want to incorporate from the traditional jewish wedding.



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