Thursday, May 7, 2009

etsy insight: bcyr jewelry

I want this. Like. Alot.

Awhile back I did a write up of nature inspired wedding rings and I included a couple designs from B. Cyr Jewelry, who finds inspiration in the beautiful textures of tree bark, flower buds, dandelion seeds, and hammered metal - her concept is perfect for the nature lover. I'm currently saving my pennies. (I've noticed the more Etsy shops I fall in love with, the more coin collections I feel compelled to start!)

Check out her Etsy store where she has an entire "wedding day" collection full of beautiful wedding bands, then check out her other stuff because you're likly to fall in love with those pieces as well. She has a blog (every now and then she has give-a-ways and gift certificates - looove that!) and a very impressive website that is definetly worthy of attention.

Bangles are pretty much my favorite thing to wear out. I dig a lil jingle.
These are at the top of my "penny jar" list. The top.

I also think that this would look fantastic on my finger.

I had to include this - it's a lovely alternative to the traditional engagement/wedding ring set. This is rad.

Her "love rocks" collection - comes in different metal types and different patinas.
Tree bark! Too cool. (My Guy liked these, reallllllly liked these)

stackables...always a good look.

tree bark carving :-)

interesting bangles to die for.

I'm really REALLY diggin' these too.

I've never seen anything like these before and I have to admit the idea is wonderfully creative: they are constellation necklaces! I have so many friends that are tricky to buy for, but this would be perfect.


  1. giiiirl is it u who won the earthly affair giveaway!?? if i am right, how very exciting!

  2. I love the "bark carving" one
    Too cute

  3. I was thinking the same thing about the Earthly Affair giveaway... there was something very distinctive about the writing style of the winner. Congrats, if we are right!!!

  4. Be sure to swing by the Perfect Palette & enter our latest give-a-way! Creative packaging made easy by Garnish!!



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