Friday, May 8, 2009

feathers and frills

One thing that I have been thinking about lately are bridal head pieces. It has to do with that bridal photography session I mentioned awhile back. I like the idea of using different types of hair pieces during this session to see what I actually feel comfortable wearing. See - I don't quite think I'm a "traditional veil" kinda girl, but I don't know if I'm a "birdcage veil" kinda girl either (even though I think birdcage look is really chic.) I think perhaps a flower in my hair might be nice.

When I look through the pieces at Feathers and Frills I sorta want them all. I want to wear fantastic feathers in my hair, and then swap those out for an amazingly huge glorious flower blossom, and then switch that for a delicate lace band, followed by a sexy birdcage veil. Ha! Seriously too. This shop makes me smile...their vintage inspired bridal pieces are definitely *swoon* worthy.

Have you ever priced birdcage veils at bridal boutiques? Holy cow. You need to take out a loan just for that! The pieces at Feathers and Frills are ridiculously reasonable...affordable glamor is clearly the way to go in my book.

I love this big flower. And it has a little bit of a birdcage mixed in.

Gawd - birdcage veils are so sexy and sassy and classy. Maybe if I just try one on...

I already posted about this lace headband here...but I just think it's so delicate and pretty it deserves another shout out.

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  1. you're right, it is so hard to pick what exactly you want to complement your hair on the big day when there are so many pretty options out there - so it's a great idea to get photos of yourself in different hair accessories and pick from that.

    ps. new york - i think you'd either find it exhausting to be in med school in the city that never sleeps or you'd thrive on the energy. it depends. i certainly go back and forth between the two.



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