Thursday, May 7, 2009

how do i make my hair do this?

I love how it's loose and slightly's not trying too hard to be perfect.

I have curly hair to work's not tight curls, they are more big loose curls with a huge load of frizz mixed in (I'm not complaining...frizz has it's moments of looking good on me). It looks like these styles would totally work with my hair if I want to wear it up and back...which I think I will. Doesn't a bride with hair pulled back have such a classic look? I have thought about straightening it and pulling it back...but I have curly hair...I want to look like myself for my wedding day.

Taylor Swift has the most glorious hair.

I don't know if I'd do both flowers and a tiara...actually, I don't do tiaras.
(except at prom...9 years ago)

Align CenterLooks pretty with a low flower.

I like the front of this style.


  1. What the heck! Another thing we have in common. :) I

    I've used pretty much all of these same photos as the inspiration for my wedding day hair. The difference is that I actually do know how to get my hair to look like this.

    Here's the secret, even if you have curly-ish hair (as I do): Use a large barrel curling iron to curl the hair, starting from the tips and rolling up to the roots. THEN use a smaller barrel curling iron to curl the hair starting at the ROOT.

    As for pulling it back, it really is quite free form. I usually pull it back into a loose pony tail (being careful to not flatten out the roots, which should be curled), and then haphazardly pinning sections here and there.

    As for products, Aveda Phomolient is my favorite, followed by their thickening powder. Work this into your roots with your finger tips AFTER you've curled it, but before you've pulled it back and you'll get the right OOMPH.

  2. From one curly girl to another - I think your hair will definitely have to be dirty to pull this off. We're talking day 3, at least.

  3. I love these styles! I have no idea how to do them, but they would be beautiful.

  4. i totally just had a conversation with my roommate yesterday about looking like yourself for your wedding day! completely agree. you don't wanna look back and be like, "who's that? you don't look like that"

  5. My hair, although straight and a bit tighter, but similar in the fact that it was soft and back low on the head. I was in love with my hair! I love emme rossums 'do. I can totally see that on you!

  6. I have some of these exact same photos flagged as inspiration for my own wedding hair! And I agree that Aveda products are pretty amazing. Good luck!

  7. I say: keep your curls because that is "you." :)

    Besides, they're beautiful.

  8. Girl...I just saw this post and I swear I had saved half of these photos as my own hair inspiration. Ha!



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