Thursday, June 11, 2009

wedding posters anyone?

I've already posted about Unless Someone Like You here (because I've been totally smitten with her work for the past year) and I just can't shake the idea of having a wedding poster. It sounds so fun and quirky...a real momento.

I have no intention of actually sending people rolled up posters as about expensive...and really nobody wants a poster about someone else's wedding, right? Not even my mother. But I like (as in really really like) the idea of having a poster made up for us, and then using the same image printed small to send through the mail the "normal" way.

I have visions of vintage western travel posters dancing around in my head.


  1. Love it, mostly because I like things you can use again. With this, you can have it on an easel or something at the locatin and then have a memento for your newlywed abode. My fav is the lara one, i like that it isnt too in your face weddingy

  2. These are so rad- I'm totally getting one, how cute on the guest book table, or the gift table?

  3. Hitched in the Hood, that's Oregon! Should of been able to tell from the style, a poster is such a Portland/Seattle thing to do. Great idea! Now only if I was talented enough to throw one together in an afternoon.



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