Wednesday, June 10, 2009

wedding wish wednesday #4: my best friend's wedding

This wedding wish if for my best friend, Becky, who is getting married to her college sweetheart this weekend! Becky was the first friend I made in college and we were inseparable! She convinced me to Spring Break in Mexico (amazing btw), we traveled to Seattle for summer vacation after frosh year, and the year we turned 21 we celebrated New Year's in Vegas with loads of our buds. Gosh we've had a crazy ton of adventures together! When she moved to Spain, we talked on the phone everyday. And when I moved to Rhode Island, same thing...everyday. Excessive? No way. We're best's what we do.

Her fiance Joe, is also a friend of mine. We were pre-med together in undergrad so he was my class companion - then we ended up going to the same medical school! What are the random chances of that!? Also, his place was the center of all of our undergrad parties. Probably the most popular guy I know.

When the two of them started dating five or so years ago, it was really like the stars had aligned and everything made sense...they are a perfect match. And they just happen to be everyone's "best friend" so their wedding will be crazy with old college friends (reunion....huge huge reunion!!).

My wish is that their wedding weekend is everything they've dreamt of! I'm so excited!



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